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Some reformers perceive privatization as the answer to better schools and education in the form of vouchers, tuition tax-credits, education management organizations (EMO’s), private contractors, charter management organizations and virtual schools.Efforts to privatize...

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Education Doesn’t Fall Out of a Tree

When it comes to education, we have deceived our children. Not intentionally, but because we care for them and want them to not feel pain of any sort or suffer any difficulty. So we soft-pedal the fact that getting an education is not always going to be fun – – that...

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The New 3 R’s

Remember the 3 R’s in school? Reading ‘riting, and ‘rithmertic. They live forever in the mythology of education and what school was supposed to be about.Today, there are still 3 R’s -- but they're not the same. The winds of reform have blown the historic 3 R’s out of...

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Book 8 Fog of Reform

American public education has been on a merry-go-round of change for the past 40 years. We made something that is complex by its very nature into a strangled enterprise that is becoming even... read...

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The Moral Imperative to Educate Children

“All human beings tend to have moral senses, which is the categorical imperative for them to act.” -- Immanuel KantA fog of reform is created obscuring issues and deflecting our focus from the real mission of schools. We need to emphasize ideals and principles in...

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