Discussions on Education, Leadership and Other Topics

An Educated Person

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”          -- Aristotle  The Unites States is the only nation with the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a value. No guarantees, just the freedom to pursue it. Public education exists...

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Skills for the 21st Century??

Change was consistent throughout the 20th century and every century before that. Humankind progressed and will continue to do so, albeit through different modes and paces. A calendar change doesn't mean that education must change dramatically. People born in 1911...

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Education and French Horns

In symphonies of almost any era, the French horn, as a solo instrument exemplifies nobility and heroism: its characteristic strong, mellow tone tugs at the heart and spirit and increases the pulse rate. Metaphorically, the same should be true of schools. They are...

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Some reformers perceive privatization as the answer to better schools and education in the form of vouchers, tuition tax-credits, education management organizations (EMO’s), private contractors, charter management organizations and virtual schools.Efforts to privatize...

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Education Doesn’t Fall Out of a Tree

When it comes to education, we have deceived our children. Not intentionally, but because we care for them and want them to not feel pain of any sort or suffer any difficulty. So we soft-pedal the fact that getting an education is not always going to be fun – – that...

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