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The Puzzle of Life

Life is a fluid puzzle. Every person in our lives is a piece of that puzzle with his or her unique footprint. Each is different in shape and size; yet, collectively they all fit together, interconnecting and binding to create a total and distinctive image. Each person...

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What Kids Really Need to Learn

Life isn’t easy. Challenges, opportunities, victories and losses surface. Our children have to deal with this uncertain life. Children need to hear straight talk. Lessons are to be learned. Lesson # 1: You have to take care of 6 important inches. Yes, 6 inches -- the...

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Forget the “Beamer”

Recently I listened to a 24-year-old definitively describing his life's path: career promotions in yearly increments, city condos with a view, a new Beamer convertible by 28, and, of course, exciting women. He seemed smart, but certainly not wise. I sometimes wonder...

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The McNamara Fallacy and Education Reform

Today the memory of the Vietnam conflict is fading. Time has passed, and new generations have no direct remembrance of that historical period. The war fractured society and became the dominant topic in the nightly news and commentary. Looking back, the Vietnam War...

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