Discussions on Education, Leadership and Other Topics

The McNamara Fallacy and Education Reform

Today the memory of the Vietnam conflict is fading. Time has passed, and new generations have no direct remembrance of that historical period. The war fractured society and became the dominant topic in the nightly news and commentary. Looking back, the Vietnam War...

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An Education for Tomorrow

Historically, public education has been the foundation for the development of our children and cultivation of our society. In many cases, the American Dream is given birth in classrooms every day for students. Children’s imagination and enthusiasm to seek knowledge,...

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Connor walked into the kitchen where his mother was making supper. She turned from the boiling potatoes on the stove and looked at him with concern. "I got an email from your English teacher today," she said with a tone of irritation. "She said you are getting a D in...

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An Educated Person

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”          -- Aristotle  The Unites States is the only nation with the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a value. No guarantees, just the freedom to pursue it. Public education exists...

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Skills for the 21st Century??

Change was consistent throughout the 20th century and every century before that. Humankind progressed and will continue to do so, albeit through different modes and paces. A calendar change doesn't mean that education must change dramatically. People born in 1911...

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