What audiences are saying about George Goens

Speeches and Workshops

“George Goens exemplifies excellence in leadership in teaching, pedagogical practice and organizational learning. His powerful presentation . . . captured the audience and not only motivated them to meet today’s teaching challenges, but left them asking for more. George balances humor with detail, he has a unique ability to captivate and inspire diverse audiences.” Gary S. Mala, Superintendent of Schools, Regional School District No. 17, Higganum, CT.

“George always has an interesting perspective on leadership and educational issues. He is contemporary, well-informed and motivating. His sense of humor is sharp and spontaneous and energetic – he challenges the intellect and captures the human spirit in his presentations.” David H. Larson, Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents.

“Simply stated, George is a fabulous speaker. His presentations empowers people to lead with success, not only at work, but more importantly, in life.” Judith A. Palmer, Ed.D, President, Litchfield County Superintendents Association.

“George possesses the innate ability to connect with every member of his audience. George’s lively persona and engaging message are a breath of fresh air for those of us struggling to maintain creativity and compassion in leadership.” Dr. Ellen W. Solek, Superintendent, East Haddam Public Schools, East Haddam, CT.

“Goens provided very specific lessons for authentic leadership, aimed at making students more successful, comfortable with themselves and supportive of their own potential as leaders.”

“George’s words rang true and I will continue to review them throughout the year.”

“Enjoyable and allowed for personal reflection.”

“Loved him!! It was nice to laugh!”

“George’s direct, honest and caring approach reached into the hearts of his audience. Asking administrators to look inside themselves and trust their instincts was very meaningful. He made it clear that the needs of students and children must be a top priority for school leaders.”  Anthony J. Antonucci, Watertown Public Schools