Federal control of education — what an idea. I wonder what article of the United States Constitution gives the feds this authority? Did I miss something? To politicians in both parties, centralized direction from Washington is just the ticket to cure your child’s education: better than your locally elected school board.

You know, Washington knows best. After all, your local school board is nearby, and they can hear your concerns at their monthly meetings about Johnny’s and Sally’s education. Board members are personally accountable and available to parents. But wouldn’t you rather have a phantom 30-year-old Ivy League wiz kid writing educational policy or procedures for your kid’s school?

Educating children is complex. Look how uncomplicated the feds made healthcare and the tax code? They can do the same for your school.

Local democracy in education, according to Presidents Bush and Obama, is ineffectual. After all change we can believe in can only come from the White House and Congress. And they certainly have a great track record of working together very efficiently and effectively!!

We got along without a federal department of education before 1980. Each state has a department of education and local school boards. They don’t live in a bubble. They understand the importance of education and high standards, and teachers and administrators are privy to new ideas.

The Department of Education really thinks it knows better than your local school board about creating good schools. Just call them – you’ll see. They are as responsive and sensitive as the IRS.

Increasing a faceless bureaucracy in Washington is not the answer to developing well-educated, wise people of good character. Schools need to be improved. Local control, however, puts faces on accountability and emphasizes that parents, students, and educators are responsible for the community’s children.

Doesn’t the phrase, “Hi, I’m from Washington and I am here to help” scare the hell out of you when the consequences affect your children?